About myNewApps

Our Mission

Here at MyNewApps our goal is to create intuitive mobile Applications that everyone can use and enjoy. We strive to offer our customers the best features possible for any application we develop to ensure complete customer satisfaction!

Company History

It all started in 2009 when we first began receiving requests for building Apple iPod/iPhone Applications. Prior to that we were building out internet infrastructure under our parent company infoSpider, inc. for Fortune 500 companies like Visa, eBay, PG&E, Ricoh and many others. We then thought, why work for others when we could build our own great mobile applications? We knew we would have a lot of fun building for the mobile consumer and so myNewApps.com was born.

Our flagship product - Battery Magic, was released in September 2009. Battery Magic has been a huge success with over 1,000,000 downloads from Apple iPod and iPhone users. Consumer feedback has been excellent and has helped us make Battery Magic the best Battery App possible, thanks to you!

We have since expanded in creating Flashlight, Camera and Gaming Apps. We will be releasing a new App at least once a month. Check back with us often as you will see us growing with new mobile applications and as always your feedback is the most important ingredient in making a great App!

Executive Team

Sheffield Nolan is the Chief Executive Officer of myNewApps. Prior to myNewApps, Sheffield architected large scale solutions for many Fortune 500 companies and venture backed startups, including Visa, eBay, Paypal and AltaVista.

Sheffield received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and his Master of Science in Business Administration, cum laude from LaSalle University.


Frank Mattox is the President of MyNewApps.com. Frank has an extensive management history in both Sales and Marketing with a focus on the internet and the mobile marketplace. Mr. Mattox has been instrumental in the successful launching of several mobile applications, promotional website services and has managed Fortune 500 infrastructure projects for the past twenty years.