Hello and Welcome to the FREE Version of Flipsy!

Flipsy is the hotest puzzle sensation to come out on the iPhone and iPod!

Flipsy features the 'First' game puzzle that uses a 3D game board that actually rotates and flips 90 and 180 degrees! Watch the color blocks slide across the board and disappear!

All puzzles are hand-crafted to give you the ultimate gaming experience. No two puzzles are alike.

A demo is automatically presented to you for ease of instructions.

Play against the clock in Arcade mode and see how many levels you can complete before the clock runs out!

Other Key Features:

  • Hints are provided to help you solve puzzles at anytime
  • Game music and Sound effects come standard, you can turn them on/off at any time!
  • Local high-scores are listed for the arcade mode
  • Automatic saving of games - always come back to the game right where you left it!
  • Try before you buy - this free version (limited to the first 10 levels) allows you to find out what makes this game so addictive before buying the full version!

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Compatible with iPhone/iPod O/S 3.0 and up.

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