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Tech Cores Reviews Battery Magic 4

"Battery Magic is one of the best utilities on the Apple App Store. Personally this is one of my favourite all time apps, it tells so so much information about your iPhone or iPod touch. I highly recommend it too any user."

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Examiner Writer Anthony Lifrieri Reviews Battery Magic

"...This sounds like a lot of battery apps but what sets this app apart is that it measures every single power level you can possible think of on the iPhone..."
"...All in all, Battery Magic is a great app and to date, the best battery app out there..."

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AppCraver Reviews Flipsy

"...Flipsy offers a nice change to some of the more popular puzzle apps. For puzzle enthusiasts looking for a little something different to add to their repitoire of fun, Flipsy FREE iPhone app by offers a unique spin, or shall I say flip, to the game."

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